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With our purpose built workshop and team of factory trained technicians, Sunraysia Marine can take care of all your inboard, outboard and jet ski repairs and servicing. 

We keep a wide range of spare parts in stock for all the popular brands, minimizing your time off the water. We also look after trailer repairs and wiring, installation of marine electronics and accessories, upholstery and fiberglass repairs and general boat detailing.

The best time to get your boat serviced is actually at the end of the season.

When it comes to servicing, there are three main questions we get asked all the time:

1. Why?

Prevention is better than cure. We all know that an engine that is serviced regularly has much less down time than one that isn’t, and when it comes to boating, you don’t want your weekend spoilt by an engine that won’t start.

Regular servicing will also maintain the performance and efficiency of your boat, increase its resale value, and most importantly keep you and your family safe on the water.

Many engine brands have an extended warranty that only applies if you maintain your servicing as per the factory schedule.  Read the fine print, it’s there.

Manufacturers often issue bulletins to dealers if they identify possible issues with their products that may not be serious enough to warrant a customer recall, regular servicing will enable a dealer to sort these issues out in advance.

The biggest issue we face in our industry is the lack of knowledge of boat owners about how their engines cooling system works. 99% of marine engines use a rubber water pump impeller that needs to be soft and pliable to provide the correct flow of water to your engines cooling system. This impeller will become hard over time regardless of the amount of use your boat has had and as a result the water pump output is reduced.  We recommend that all inboards have a new impeller fitted every twelve months and all outboards have a new impeller fitted at least every three years. The consequences of not doing so can be horrendously expensive.

2. How Often?

The best thing to do is read your owner’s manual, there should be a maintenance section that advises the factory recommended service intervals. If not, then here is what we recommend:

1st Service @ 20 engine hours
Ongoing Service @ every 100 engine hours or 12 month intervals

1st Service @ 20 engine hours
General Service @ every 100 engine hours or 12 month intervals
Major Service @ every 300 engine hours or 3 year intervals

We advise to follow a similar regime as normal outboards however the factory recommendation is for no 1st Service or General Service, just a Major Service @ every 300 engine hours or 3 year intervals

3. When?

The best time to get your boat serviced is actually at the end of the season. The reason for this is that if an issue is detected, there is a much better opportunity for it to be repaired before the weather warms up again and you need to use your boat. Less time off the water can only be a good thing. Our service department is always heavily booked in the lead up to Christmas and the lead up to Easter, so we recommend that you plan ahead and avoid these times if possible.
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